Coffee Buzz in the JC - Harry Street Coffee


I'm starting a new section on my blog called Belle Hood. If I can think of a catchier title, I'll change it.  Like I said, this blog is organic -- in other words, I'm always changing my mind.  

But this section -- Belle Hood, will focus on some of the cool finds in the neighborhoods where I work and live!  As you can tell from reading my blog, I love a good adventure and travel all over the world looking for it!  But some of my coolest adventures are in my backyard.  So first stop is Jersey City -- not the Grove Street or trendy Downtown areas (I may have more on that later), but McGinley Square, not too far from Journal Square. (And if Jared Kushner has his way, this area will soon be like Grove Street and the Newport Area.  My question is how are they going to squeeze in all those people who will be renting apartments in those massive towers into a Path Train?? By I digress.)  


Back to my coffee buzz.  I went to go check out a nearby restaurant (see other Belle Hood post) when I stumbled upon Harry Street Coffee. Don't walk too fast, you may miss it.  The coffee shop is on the corner, in a non-descript building. No flashy signs. Inside there are chairs and tables which reminded of that time when I lived with three other girls in an apartment in Los Angeles and we all moved our non-matching furniture in.  It looks like that living room!  Oh, and there's wi-fi, so you can post a picture of your coffee on Instagram because they serve it in cool Harry Street Coffee mugs.  I love it when I can drink good coffee in a real mug.  Along with coffee, they sell desserts  (sorry, can't review pastries because I was on a sugar detox at the time).

The barista, and the folks who looked like regulars, were also welcoming. I can't believe I had not known about this spot! My cappuccino -- my go-to drink -- was VERY good. I like a strong espresso and frothy (almond) milk.  I liked it so much, I held class here the next morning and treated students to coffee and hot cocoa.  Only two knew about this coffee place -- and mind you, our school is two blocks away.  Harry Street has been here since 2012.  That's four years of me missing out on some great coffee. 

Harry Street Coffee is located in McGinley Square, 695 Bergen Avenue, Jersey City, NJ